The USA To Tighten Control Over Digital Currencies To Counter Cyber Attacks From DPRK

The official website of the US Department of Justice published a new directive aimed at countering cyberattacks by North Korean hackers. It contains many points, one of which is the total tightening of anti-money laundering mechanisms through cryptocurrencies.

From the information provided, hackers from the DPRK have stolen more than $1.5 billion from cryptocurrency exchanges over the past two years. This series of attacks has been called the “Hidden Cobra”. The US government believes this scheme dates back to 2017 when several hundred thousand computers around the world were affected by the WannaCry virus.

After this daring trick, the hackers from the DPRK increased the pace and made more and more sophisticated attacks. They also successfully managed to launder the huge amount of stolen funds that the North Korean authorities used to create nuclear weapons.

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