Study: People Become More Aware In Cryptocurrencies

The crypto industry is quite young, so not many people around the world are involved in it. The level of awareness among the broad masses is growing every year, as evidenced by a recent survey by The Economist, carried out for about three thousand respondents.

The data obtained show that in 2020, people know about cryptocurrencies much more than a year earlier:

  • 85% of respondents know what digital currencies are or have used them before;
  • 65% aware of digital currencies issued by technology companies;
  • 55% know about cryptocurrencies that central banks plan to issue;
  • 55% are aware of the digital currencies of various financial companies.

The study showed the vast majority of people who know about the existence of cryptocurrencies have a higher education. But important to note that 38% of respondents don`t trust cryptocurrencies.

When asked what exactly attracts them in cryptocurrencies, respondents answered:

  • 34% - online payments;
  • 24% - find the blockchain technology interesting as it is;
  • 24% - consider digital currencies as short-term investments;
  • 23% - hold cryptocurrencies for the long term.

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