The Top 5 NFTs Marketing Agencies

What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

Before going straight to our top 5 NFTs Marketing Agencies, let’s quickly understand what a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a relatively new space in crypto, and the NFT fever has taken over the crypto markets at the moment.

NFTs are a form of digital assets that cannot be exchanged for similar assets. That means they are not fungible. They are mostly in JPEG form and can be traded like other physical assets such as a piece of artwork.

It is safe to say that the digital trend has created business opportunities for artists, musicians, journalists, and everybody else.

Why promote your NFT?

Simply minting an NFT is not enough. You need an experienced and reliable NFT Marketing Agency to help your NFT go viral. 

NFTs owners need experts to educate them on industry best practices and guide them on the best strategies to market their NFT sales. Luckily there are a number of top NFT marketing firms to help you. 

Let’s check them out.


Top 5 NFT Promoting Agencies


ICODA drives all aspects of marketing strategies by setting up disruptive techniques and solutions according to the goals and peculiarities of your token. 

They have a well-defined go-to-market strategy required to make your NFT get noticed worldwide. This advertising agency can offer you such services as:

  • Partner with crypto bloggers and opinion leaders on YouTube and Twitter.
  • Run strong SMM and PR campaigns. It is of major importance when creating brand awareness and bringing more potential customers to your marketplace.
  • Build a community on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord as they are the most prominent social media channels for the NTF sphere.
  • Publish the project on popular listings, catalogues and ratings. The major things are to have a community around the project, liquidity and a collection of unique NFTs.
  • Advertisements on Google, Yandex, Twitter and Facebook. Digital advertising is a great tool today to pour your resources. It will help you considerably in finding investors for your NFT marketplace and bring both NFT sellers and buyers to your website from reputable sources.
  • Hold an IDO. In case your project has its own token, an initial DEX offering or IDO can be the most suitable way of fundraising in the crypto space.

2. CryptoPR

CryptoPR is an NFT marketing agency based in the United Kingdom (UK) that specializes in NFT advertising and DeFi marketing. Though it was just established in 2021, it has gained a reputation in the blockchain and crypto space as a top NFT PR agency.

Their services include a three-in-one package consisting of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), advertising and media outreach with a dedicated NFT marketing manager who oversees and plans how buyers and traffic are directed to your NFT.

The crypto promotion services at CryptoPR include:

  • Publishing press releases covering your NFT project on major news outlets, including CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk,, Yahoo! Finance and more.
  • Organizing interviews with influencers in the crypto space to promote your NFT.
  • Outreach to journalists, news portals and other media contacts to strategically place your project in the top 10 lists and reviews of the best new NFTs.
  • Networking with our contacts in the crypto media network – experts in link building, copywriting and internet marketing to get your NFT to be noticed globally.

3. CryptoVirally

CryptoVirally is another well-known crypto and marketing company. The agency provides premium "Ready to Buy" marketing services that focus on overcoming all the marketing barriers that a crypto project may face on its way to success.

The company offers worldwide promotion of your NFTs through services such as:

  • Media PR and boosting brand awareness. A full turn-key solution for the NFT launch that is published on world top media outlets such as Cointelegraph.
  • Influencer's marketing through community building and providing 24/7 community support on social media channels.

4. Coinbound 

Coinbund is one of the leading full-service NFT marketing companies that offers a ton of great options for clients seeking to promote and advertise their NFT projects. The NFT PR agency has been in the crypto industry for some years now and has a great working relationship with a number of crypto influencers and publishers.

The crypto promotion services at Coinbound include:

  • SEO set-up and management that gets you 60x more organic traffic through research, content management and authority building.
  • Influencer marketing to reach out to a highly-engaged audience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, traders, and investors through Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Podcasts, and more.
  • Social media management will help you build communities for your NFT project on social media platforms such as Twitter and Telegram groups.

The NFT agency boasts of a highly regarded reputation for delivering great campaigns that achieve an excellent return on investment (ROI).


It is a new solution in the industry that created a space with its successful strategies. The company offers a free consultation that lasts 30 minutes. It will help customers to learn more about weak points and goals and discuss suggestions and concerns with experts.

The main goal of the NFT agency is to enable projects to soar and achieve great results. When cooperating with the company, you can be sure that your NFT campaign will be managed successfully.

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