Sophia AI robot will become NFT

The popular humanoid robot Sophia will be tokenized and auctioned off. The sale will take place within the framework of the Noah's Ark project.

The robot was released in 2016 by the developers from Hansen Robotics. After a short time, he became famous for his articulation skills and meaningful dialogues.

A lot of people liked talking with the robot, and thanks to the media, they learned about Sofia all over the world. She currently holds the citizenship of the Saudi Emirates.



The Binance NFT Marketplace is slated to sell tokenized robots on December 16. The auction will last 5 days. 20 new Sofia tokenized robots will appear on the market every day.

A total of 100 iNFTs (smart NFTs) will be sold. We are talking about a new type of tokens created by Alethea AI specialists. It is a revolutionary technology that allows a digital identity to be embedded in a basic smart contract.

Within the gaming environment, such digital personalities will be able to autonomously interact with people. Communication will take place in real time and will add interest to such projects.

Note that Noah's Ark, a project within which the tokenized Sofia will appear, was launched in October by Alethea AI. The developers plan to populate their Multiverse with various interactive and smart NFTs.

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