Reddit Platform Implemented NFT Support

Users of the social network Reddit can use NFTs as avatars from April 2022.

Currently, 4 avatars based on the Ethereum blockchain have been released. The price of each was $400 thousand. They were sold out in a matter of moments. Their owners will be able to put them as avatars in the social network.



It is not yet possible to set your own NFTs as an avatar. Limited access suggests that this is only a test run so far, which will show interest in this topic. The creators of the platform plan to explore how NFT integration will help popularize Reddit.

Experts say that creating their own NFT avatars will allow platform users to actively trade non-fungible tokens.

Also, if the social network integrates the ability to set any NFT as an avatar, it will be possible to connect to Reddit using Metamask and integrate any token without any problems. This will make the user page more visible, which is especially true for the new design of the social network.

Previously, a similar innovation was introduced by the social network Twitter. However, not entirely successful. There have been some privacy issues with the NFT integration, experts say.

The fact is that after integrating with Metamask, the user profile began to display the wallet address. This made data about cryptocurrency assets less confidential.

You can overcome this problem by following the path of OpenSea. In this virtual market, users' information is protected thanks to pseudonyms. You don't have to link your ethereum address to your real name. Perhaps this is the path Reddit and Twitter should take.

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