NFT Here and Everywhere

Today, more and more people and companies on the planet are integrating NFTs into everyday life, making them an integral part of our reality. 

Today we invite you to get acquainted with some news from the world of NFT. 

Bored Ape Restaurant, Bored & Hungry, the first to accept ApeCoin

Bored & Hungry , the world's first Bored Ape themed restaurant, is now the first to accept ApeCoin ($APE). Hours before its grand opening in Long Beach, the restaurant announced via Twitter that it was accepting $APE and $ETH. In addition, verified BAYC holders will receive free complex meals (burger, fries, drink). 

The NFT Food Fighters Universe (FFU) collection is also planned to be launched this year. The idea is to create the world's first NFT-supported restaurant group and use Web 3 to solve the problems currently being seen in the food and beverage industry.

New 'Kilroy Was Here' movie to be distributed as NFT

Renowned actor, director and comedian Kevin Smith will release his new movie Killroy Was Here in NFT form. This will happen in collaboration with SCRT Labs , the Israeli team behind Secret Network's Legendao platform.

The film is an anthology of comedy-horror films centered on the well-known "Kilroy Was Here" graffiti, popularized during World War II. Viewers will also be able to watch commentary and behind-the-scenes footage.

SCRT Labs said this project will demonstrate the possibilities that NFTs can offer to the rapidly changing entertainment industry.

Coffin Dance meme NFT was sold for 327 ETH 

Nana Otafrija Pallbearing & Waiting Services, the group of dancing undertakers from Ghana that created the “coffin dance meme”, announced that their official NFT of the meme was sold for 327 ETH ($1.064 million). It was purchased by @3fmusic on Twitter, who also has a variety of other expensive NFTs, including the NFT version of Charlie Bit My Finger.

Lucas Bean, an NFT consultant, helped sell the NFT coffin dance meme on his Twitter Space. The live auction lasted about an hour and a half.

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