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What games use NFT and what does it give?

NFTs and NFT games have been making a splash lately, with their prices and user numbers skyrocketing. People are attracted by the opportunity to make money on games.

Axie Infinity is an NFT-based online computer game.
The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that it resembles a kind of investment: at the initial stage, the player needs to buy characters, but the further income of the gamer will depend on his skills and efforts.

Gods Unchained is a card game. Here, having your own deck, you must outplay your opponent. NFTs are cards that have certain characteristics.

The Sandbox is a mobile game that in many ways resembles minecraft or roblox, but works on the blockchain.
The game combines the ideas of the metaverse, NFT and GameFi. At SAND, you have the opportunity to build your own world and then sell your creations on the marketplace.

For example, in the game Axie Infinity there are several ways to earn money. The most obvious of these, of course, is the game. However, it is not easy to start playing as a player as it requires at least 3 Axies to debut. In today's market it will cost around $500. 

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