NFT CryptoPunk #7756 bought for 1050 ETH

A non-fungible token from the CryptoPunk collection was sold for 1050 ETH. This amount amounted to about $ 3.2 million at the current rate.

Collectible NFTs are in high demand. They are willingly bought by investing in them. Some of the 10,000 generated images are common and inexpensive, but there are also those whose price reaches several million.

CryptoPunk #7756 is one of those. This 24x24 picture, created in the process of computer generation, belongs to the category of rare ones. It depicts a green-skinned alien with red eyes.



Note that this is not the most expensive CryptoPunks. Just over a month ago, one of the rarer NFTs in the series was sold for a whopping $23.7 million by Deepak Thapliyal.

The entire series was released in 2017. At the very beginning, the developers of the collection at Larva Labs created some free options as an experiment, and then released the collection in its current configuration.

Trading in non-fungible tokens has intensified in 2021. This is due to the active purchases of NFTs by various media personalities. Among them are rapper Jay-Z and many other celebrities. This spurred interest and caused an increase in sales in the market.

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