Investments in NFTs

Today we will talk about long-term investments in NFTs, and to be more precise, how to make money on a portfolio. No, not school, but from the NFT.

How is an NFT portfolio assembled?
Just like stocks and cryptocurrencies. There are a whole bunch of special sites where you can analyze and view the list of popular NFTs, track their cost, buy and thus build your portfolio.

If everything is so simple, then everyone can earn?
As a rule, there are a lot of pitfalls here: most people cannot afford expensive tokens, and besides, they will not give a big profit. You need to choose from inexpensive and promising NFTs, and most importantly, be able to analyze them correctly.

What are the advantages of such investments?
NFTs correlate very poorly with other assets such as stocks and bonds, so you can reduce the overall risk and volatility of your portfolio. On the plus side, NFTs serve as a large, diversified asset in an investment portfolio for many people.

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