Instagram and Fb will start testing NFT

Meta management has confirmed that Instagram will start testing non-fungible avatar tokens this week. Facebook will follow.

NFT token holders will be able to use their NFTs as avatars. In addition to Ethereum NFT, social networks will also support Polygon, Solana and Flow blockchain tokens.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the imminent implementation of this option back in March. However, this week it became known that the rollout will be phased. The project will initially be launched for US residents.

Both owners and developers will be able to add their NFTs. To be displayed in your account, you will need to link your cryptocurrency wallet to your social network profile.

Several non-custodial wallets like MetaMask, Trust and Rainbow will be supported. Support for Phantom will also be added in the future, along with Coinbase and Dapper Wallet.

There will be no charge for displaying on your profile. Non-fungible avatar tokens will differ from ordinary photos by a flickering effect, which will be specially added for NFT.

A new word in the environment of cryptocurrency exchanges is the Qmall platform.

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