From 22 to 28 November 2021, $ 106 million in land was sold in NFT games

Land parcels in the Metaverse have become a hit in the NFT space, according to DappRadar experts. Last week, 4 projects sold NFT lands for a total amount of over $ 105.8 million.

The most popular projects in this regard are Sandbox, Decentraland, CryptoVoxels and Somnium Space. Over the past week, they attracted over 6,000 people and generated record sales.

The main sales came from Sandbox. Last week, land in the game was sold for $ 86.56 million. In the Decentraland game project, sales amounted to $ 15.53 million. In the other two projects, land was sold for 2.68 and 1.1 million, respectively.

The largest land sale in the game over the past month was the sale of a plot in the prestigious Fashion Street District, which includes 116 small parcels. On November 23, 618 thousand MANA tokens were paid for it.

In dollar terms, this amount was $ 2.7 million. On the same day, a luxury yacht was bought at Sandbox for 149 ETH, whose value at the time of purchase was $ 666 thousand.



All of the above games are built on the Ethereum blockchain, although the DappRadar report says the Solana network has also become popular. The company's specialists say that attention to the projects-metauniverses appeared after the announcement of the rebranding of Facebook to Meta.

According to co-founder of Animoca Brands, creator of Sandbox, Facebook has generated strong interest from other companies, many of which do not use Web 3.0. This has led to increased awareness and widespread interest in the subject of the Metaverse.

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