Legal Proceedings Against OneCoin May Fall Apart Due To Procedural Issues

The case against the founders of the sensational cryptocurrency pyramid OneCoin may fall apart due to bureaucratic inaccuracies, the judge of the Southern District of New York, Kaproni, stated.

The fact is that the plaintiffs Donald Berdo and Christine Grable did not provide an updated letter on the status of summons over the past two months. This is in violation of paragraph 41 (b) of the rules of civil procedure. The plaintiffs have only a few days to save this case, the judge gave the deadline until April 16. Besides, the judge threatened the plaintiffs with possible sanctions for failure to comply with court orders.

Recall, one of the organizers of the OneCoin project, Konstantin Ignatov, was taken into custody in early March. But the main face of the pyramid, Ruja Ignatova, is still free.

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