Fraudsters Use the COVID-19 Pandemic as a New Weapon

Representatives of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation warned people about the activation of various kinds of scams upon the pandemic of coronavirus.

The FBI said that under quarantine conditions, many sellers reoriented to work on the Internet and began to accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Fraudsters may appear to be sellers of personal protective equipment, volunteers, collecting donations thus stealing funds from naive people.

“The stolen money is laundered through a complex ecosystem of cryptocurrencies,” the agency said.

Also, the bureau informed it`s not all abuse. It may also be the classic blackmail, adapted to current conditions: “the threat of coronavirus infection if the victim does not pay a certain amount of funds in BTC”.

The FBI advised not to succumb to the threats of blackmailers, carefully check the sellers and call the police immediately in case of contact with fraudsters.

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