Craig Wright Abandons Suing Adam Back

The infamous Craig Wright, who used to call himself the creator of the first cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto, has withdrawn a lawsuit on the protection of honor and dignity against Adam Back. Besides, the self-proclaimed Satoshi paid all the legal costs of the second party.

Note, all this happened back in January of this year but Back found out about this just recently.

Recall, earlier Craig Wright sued many famous people in the cryptocurrency industry such as Roger Ver, Peter McCormack, Adam Back. They all claimed that Wright was lying and that in fact, he had nothing to do with Satoshi Nakamoto, so the Australian businessman sued them and accused them of insulting honor and dignity.

From the information provided, it appears that Wright took his application back and paid 100% of Adam Back's legal costs, totaling 25 thousand US dollars, which made Back surprised.

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