Covid-19 Made Durov To Cooperate With Governments Around The World

A man of principle, Pavel Durov, decided to make an exception in the matter of cooperation with the authorities, against the background of coronavirus pandemic.

“The current pandemic is a threat to our entire species. When it ends, the world will not return to normal. We may witness a civilizational shift that will ripple through generations. It is up to all of us to ensure that the new world about to be born is a better place than the one we're leaving behind” – he wrote.

He mentioned, that Telegram had not collaborated with governments before, but this time he was ready to make an exception. Telegram employees processed and verified 17 channels of health ministries around the world.

Also, the company plans to implement a number of initiatives aimed at countering the spread of the virus, for example, education in quarantine conditions.

“This is a chance for people to use their time in isolation to create a better version of themselves – and a chance for technology to prove its worth for humanity” – Durov added. 

He believes that coronavirus is a threat to humanity as a biological species. 
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