500-Megapixel Camera that Can Detect Any Person in the Crowd Presented in China
Scientists in China have introduced a new “face camera” for face recognition, which raises serious concerns about civil liberties. A 500-megapixel device was presented last week at the International Industrial Fair. It is four times more detailed than the human eye and is able to capture every face in a crowd of tens of thousands of people. The system was created at Fudan University with the help of the Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Currently, China monitors its citizens and collects data on their behavior using more than 200 million surveillance cameras. This new super camera will increase the ability of the Chinese government to monitor the population. Some of the penalties for misbehavior under this social credit system include limited access to travel and education opportunities. The task of processing 500-megapixel photos is likely to be too hard for this system to be immediately usable on a large scale. Probably this tool will not be used often so far.