TOP 5 Bitcoin “Money Bags”
Today not only cryptocurrency enthusiasts but also many “traditional” investors are interested in digital coins, as they observe the development of the cryptocurrency market and do not want to stand on the sidelines. Yes, everyone knows this good-old rule that warns investors of putting all their eggs in one basket.   So, who has managed to gain a significant Bitcoin capital over the past years of crypto-era? Today The Coin Shark will tell you about five “crypto-money bags”. 1.Satoshi Nakamoto It is a mysterious developer of Bitcoin and modern blockchain technology. His identity has not been revealed yet, despite a number of attempts. It is stated that this person or maybe a group of people has as much as one million BTC, mined in early times of world’s first and most expensive digital currency. 2.Roger Ver This american entrepreneur is an advocate of free market economy that does not need tough governmental control. So, it is basically no wonder that he was all in favor of Bitcoin - transparent, anonymous and distributed.  Roger got interested in Bitcoin back in 2011 and since then he has invested a lot of money in the cryptocurrency, as well as in many Bitcoin-related startups and projects. As of 2017 he was believed to own approximately 300 thousand coins. 3.Tyler and Cameron Wilkenwoss   2008 Beijing Olympic Games finalists in rowing, Wilkenwoss twins decided to create a social network for students back in early 2000s. It happened that they once hired Mark Zuckerberg who became familiar with project’s idea and source code. Zuckerberg soon left the brothers and started creating its own social network - Facebook. Yes, Cameron and Tyler found that just a bit suspicious, so they blamed Mark of having stolen their idea and source code and sued famous Facebook creator. Today Wilkenwoss brothers have one of the largest Bitcoin capital and are very active players on the cryptocurrency market. 4.FBI? According to Wired, a magazine released in the USA and the United Kingdom that writes about computer technologies impact on the society, the US government could have been one of the largest BItcoin holders. In 2014 FBI shut down a huge online black market called Silk Road that operated drug traffic, smuggling and other unlawful activities. Federals claimed that Ross Ulbricht was the one who stood behind these crimes, and as a result he was sentenced to life imprisonment for money laundry and other criminal activities. Besides, as much as 144 thousand BTC was seized. However, it is also known that arrested coins were sold by auction. 5.Tim Draper This famous american businessman, who has once presented a petition to divide California in six small states, is also known for being one of Skype early investors. He purchased around 30 thousand BTC in 2014. He also claimed that he planned to use the cryptocurrency potential to create a service that would enable people to store and trade Bitcoin regardless of the situation on particular fiat currency markets and not to depend on them. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: