Apple Released the Official Version of iOS 13
Apple released a mobile version of the iOS 13 operating system on September 19. The new OS has a dark mode that can change the look of all applications. Also, many standard applications have been changed, in particular, “Photos”, “Maps”, “Notes”, “Reminder”, Safari browser, etc. Besides, the work of all applications has been improved. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Source:[/caption]

New features in iOS 13

  • system dark mode that may activate with the sunset. It not only reduces the load on the users` eyes in the dark or in a poorly lit room but can also significantly reduce energy consumption and extend the battery work time;
  • updated tab "Photos" with different levels of sorting content, intelligent previews, automatic playback of Live Photos (without sound) and video while scrolling;
  • a full-fledged video editor that allows applying filters and modifying basic settings (exposure, sharpness, white balance, brightness, and saturation);
  • updated Safari (there is a start page, a full download manager, recommendations based on browser history);
  • the updated application “Reminders” has sections: “Today”, “Scheduled”, “Everything” and “With a flag”;
  • the ability to type text with swipes using QuickPath;
  • the built-in file manager received support for ZIP archives;
  • the Location app combines Find iPhone and Find Friends. Now a lost device can be found even if it is not connected to the Internet;
  • 3D visualization of the area appeared in Apple Maps, giving a 360-degree view;
  • increased performance: applications on the new OS run up to 2 times faster.
  • Arcade game service with more than 100 video games.
It is important to understand that iOS 13 can be installed on all smartphones, starting with the iPhone 6S and SE. The first tests show a significant increase in performance, so users of older devices should feel a significant improvement in work.