12,000 Starlink Satellites will Increase SpaceX's Capitalization to $120 Billion
A new report by Morgan Stanley Research claims that after launching 12,000 Starlink satellites in orbit, SpaceX will capitalization will amount $120 billion by 2027. Recall, Starlink satellites should provide high-speed Internet access to almost the entire surface of the globe. Earlier calculations by CNBC experts after the launch of 60 Starlink test satellites in May 2019 gave a company valuation over $33 billion. “This means that with the expansion of Internet access, about 75% of the world's population will have access to the network, SpaceX will be able to reach about 10% of their total number” - experts explain. According to Morgan Stanley's data, the company's expected value should reach $120 billion at best, which will put Elon Musk`s Starlink on a par with giants such as Verizon, General Electric, JP Morgan Chase and Fannie Mae. These finances will help Elon Musk to establish and maintain a colony on the Moon and Mars in the coming years. In fact, SpaceX will be the only interplanetary carrier in the world, which will also increase its popularity and favorably affect the expansion of Starlink Internet subscribers.